Roosevelt project investigates decline in teen reading

March 27, 2017 01:40 PM
A Roosevelt student shares data.

Seventh graders at Roosevelt Middle School recently completed a learning unit that asked the question, “How can we get teenagers to read more?”  The language arts students researched teen reading habits, cited sources, and conducted in-house surveys with fellow Roosevelt students.  They also shared a survey through the Cedar Rapids Public Library to gather information from teens who attend other area middle schools. Resulting projects included websites, blogs, videos, board games, and display boards.

In building their projects, students developed claims, gathered evidence, and met with library staff for input.  Students took ownership by building their own teams. 

“Students produced high quality projects utilizing a hands-on approach to learning while demonstrating proficiency and exemplary work toward the state standards,” explained Diane Schnoebelen-Kramer, teacher. “Creativity and collaboration were at their highest levels.”

Roosevelt 7th graders share their project results. Learning targets included writing an argument to support claims using evidence, gathering relevant information from print and digital sources, and presenting claims and findings in a focused, coherent manner.   The student projects will be on display at both the downtown library and Ladd Library during the week of March 27.

Project-based learning will be in full force next year as Roosevelt transitions to a magnet school.  Lottery applications to attend the Roosevelt Creative Corridor Business Academy for the 2017-18 school year will be accepted through April 7. More Information here

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