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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
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School Closure Extended through Remainder of Year


This morning Governor Reynolds announced that all Iowa schools shall be closed for the remainder of the academic year due to COVID-19.

The closure will continue to impact all CRCSD programming, including before- and after-school activities, all athletic and extracurricular practices and competitions, and all weekend events. Please note these other key takeaways from this morning’s press conference with Governor Reynolds and Director of the Iowa Department of Education Dr. Ann Lebo:

  • Governor Reynolds will provide further guidance regarding summer sports seasons by June 1.
  • We will be given local authority to begin the school year earlier than our current start date, should we determine (with Board of Directors approval) that to be the best course of action for our district.

This is a challenging time for your family and for us as educators. We all care deeply about the wellbeing of the child(ren) in your care and whom we are privileged to serve.

As we have communicated previously, our Continuous Learning Plan officially launches on Monday, April 20. Building principals and teachers are eager to engage with our students consistently in order to provide academic and emotional support in the weeks and months ahead. As Director Lebo indicated in the press conference this morning, districts across the state -- including ours -- designed in a matter of weeks what would, in ordinary circumstances, take months or years. While maintaining the health and safety of our families and our entire Cedar Rapids community is our priority (as it should be for all), we have wholly directed our resources and efforts to support our students’ academic maturation during this complex time.

While families and students will receive course-specific communications from instructors in the weeks and months ahead, you may also continue to access academic resources in these ways:

The entire CRCSD staff and our hardworking community partners are committed to supporting you and your family during this time. Please access this information on local Mental Health resources.

We are a district that has overcome great challenges in the past. The flood of 2008, unprecedented and devastating, challenged us to work together, to redefine ourselves, to discover how to simultaneously honor tending to our family’s direct needs while soldiering through difficult decisions as compassionate beings. We are a resilient community of profoundly big-hearted people. May the learning from our most difficult years behind us buttress us in these times and as we move forward together.

We continue to encourage the community to rely on the experts for information related to COVID-19 and how to help put a stop to the spread of the virus. Stay informed and access up-to-date information from trusted expert sources:

World Health Organization
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Iowa Department of Public Health
Linn County Health Department

Thank you for your partnership and trust.

Noreen Bush, Superintendent

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