About Alternative Kindergarten


Two students learn to play and share together.

The Alternative Kindergarten (AK) program has been a staple in the District for more than 25 years.  More than 100 students participate each year.

The 2016-2017 Alternative Kindergarten program will be a full day program. Children must be five by September 15th.  A screener will be given to determine eligibility. A year of AK is followed by a year of kindergarten. A student attending AK would be considered as being retained in Kindergarten.

The program provides for varying rates of growth and development.  Children participate in learning activities that emphasize social, emotional and intellectual development.  Different levels of ability are expected and accepted.  Students participate in a balanced program of teacher-directed and child-selected activities: active and quiet activities, large group, small group and individual activities.  There is a focus on developing strong social skills and teaching children to develop and maintain meaningful relationships. 

Parents interested in AK are encouraged to contact their neighborhood school counselor or principal for additional information.  AK classes are located in three elementary schools in the Cedar Rapids School District. 


For questions please contact us at 319-558-2247