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7/1/2020 12:59:00 PM
This site contains our Return to Learn plan for the 2020-21 school year.

Early Learning Preschool Program

About Our Preschool Program:

  • Our program consist of a 4 day week offering a 3 hour session in the AM or a 3 hour session in the PM.
  • Three and four year olds are combined in the same classroom.
  • Each class is led by a teacher licensed through the State of Iowa in Early Childhood Education, and each classroom is assisted by one or more paraprofessionals.
  • Our teachers use Creative Curriculum which is based on research in child development theory as the foundation of the teaching approaches, the learning environment, and the roles of the teaching staff and family.This blueprint aids staff in planning and implementing a developmentally appropriate program that is effective in helping children acquire social competence and the skills they need to succeed as learners.The curriculum is guided by teachers’ ongoing assessment of children’s progress, and teaching staff work together to ensure the needs of each child is being met.Our philosophy is that children learn best by doing, which requires active thinking and experimenting to see how things work. Our goal is to help children become independent, and self-confident.
  • This curriculum helps to identify goals these areas of development:
  • Social – to make friends, feel comfortable and build trust
  • Emotional -  to develop independence and self-confidence
  • Cognitive – to develop learning skills to problem solve, ask questions, and use words to help them describe what they are learning and feeling.
  • Physical – to develop small and large muscle skills. 
  • Language & Literacy – to learn to communicate effectively and to develop concepts children need to become competed and confident readers.
  • Mathematics – to learn basic principles and concepts in number, geometry and measurement.
  • The selection of toys, materials, lesson plans and the class daily schedule is designed to give your child a successful start to school.
  • We use “Teaching Strategies GOLD “assessment program that has been selected by the State of Iowa to assist in monitoring children’s progress. The information from the assessment is used to help plan the instruction.
  • Families will be responsible for transportation.
  • The State of Iowa has developed Early Learning Standards that provide the foundation for our program.
  • Our program meets IQPPS (Iowa Quality Preschool Program Standards).


What do children do?

In classes of 18 – 20 with a teacher and associate, they will:

•             Paint, draw, and write.
•             Run and climb.
•             Play with blocks, water, sand, puzzles, and games.
•             Listen to stories.
•             Go on field trips.
•             Sing, talk, and cook.
•             HAVE FUN!

What do parents do?

Parents will:

•             Participate in home visits.
•             Help in the classroom.
•             Get help with family needs.
•             Plan family activities.
•             Attend family gatherings.
•             Have fun together.
•             Provide daily transportation.

Parents are their children’s first and most important teachers.


Thank you for your interest in the preschool programs that are offered in the Cedar Rapids Community School District. If you have further questions, please call 319-558-2549 or email