School Closure Extended by Governor Reynolds

On Thursday, April 2nd, Governor Reynolds ordered an extension to the school closures through April 30th. This means our CRCSD buildings and schools will...

What Do Children Do?


I Can...

Literacy Foundation Skills

  • Identify and say rhyming words.
  • Say the letter sounds.
  • Write letters for sounds in words.
  • Show how a book works.
  • Point to words as I read.
  • Retell parts of a story.
  • Use new words and phrases I have learned.
  • Use writing in a variety of ways.


  • name 10 colors (red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, black, white, brown, pink).
  • name 4 shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle).
  • name numbers 0-20.
  • count to 50.
  • count 15 objects.
  • make a pattern.
  • sort objects 2 ways.

Physical Development

  • cut curves, corners, and shapes.
  • draw a self-portrait.
  • write my first name.

Student Behavioral Expectations

  • strive for high quality products and outcomes. (Personal Best)
  • listen attentively and speak appropriately. (Active Listening)
  • show tolerance and regard for people, property, and ideas. (Respect)
  • follow directions and procedures, and be dependable. (Responsibility)
  • be truthful, reliable, and choose to do the right thing. (Trustworthiness)