STEM Council Funds Three District Programs

April 30, 2016 08:00 AM

The Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council has awarded educators with project funds for the coming school year through the STEM Scale-Up Program. Funds will support programs including robotics, coding, and agricultural field experiences. Programs from the Johnson STEAM Academy, Kenwood Leadership Academy, and Metro High School were among those chosen as recipients. Johnson will receive $11,600 to support Spatial Temporal (ST) Math.  Kenwood will receive five Making STEM Connections kits at a value of $28,000. Metro received $8,000 for use as the first District school to participate in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

“We can’t say enough about how excited we are to have the opportunity to continue our work with Spatial Temporal Math at Johnson STEAM Academy,” said Candace Lynch, Johnson Principal.  “We have seen some great preliminary results with this program and look forward to fine-tuning our implementation and understanding of how ST Math supports students in meeting math Common Core Standards by increasing their visual and conceptual understanding of rigorous math skills.  We would be unable to do this without having received the Governor’s STEM Scale-Up Award.”

STEM_5“We are excited to provide our students opportunities to collaborate, make, and find their areas of passion and interest,” noted David Brandon, Kenwood Principal. “The STEM Connections kits will help us create a learning environment focused on empowering leaders who are ready for the 21st Century.”

“The scale up endeavors students to be more global in their thinking while developing relevant engineering skills to become college and career ready,” added Matt Secl, Metro High School.

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