Student Artwork Displayed For All At ELSC


Framed student art is displayed on each floor of the ELSC building.

Schools and classrooms are often rich visual landscapes, where displays of student drawings, projects, and other works of art are showcased. Finding such a display in a support building may be less expected but the District is committed to making student art a focal point of the Educational Leadership and Support Center (ELSC).

“We are proud to display the exemplary artwork created by our K-12 students,” said Dr. Dave Benson, Superintendent. “This is also an excellent opportunity for us to increase public awareness and appreciation of the arts.” 

Framed student art is displayed on each floor of the building. Teachers from all levels are invited to submit pieces for the rotating exhibit. The walls get a new artistic look every 2-3 months, depending on the number of submissions.

There are also three display cabinets- one for elementary, one for middle, and one for high school art – located in the lobby of the building. School art specialists sign up for 1-2 month periods to display artwork made by their students. 

“We have had all types of medium- such as clay, plaster, wood and paper,” explained Lesley Panos, District art facilitator. “Students are notified when their artwork is on display and have enjoyed coming to the ELSC to see it. This experience helps to encourage individual self-esteem and bolster confidence.”

The display also captures the attention of others visiting the building. One piece by a high school student is in the process of being purchased by a community member.

The District also presents pieces from its fine art collection in a gallery space at the ELSC. The District also displays student interpretations of the exhibits as companion pieces and a student learning opportunity.

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