Students Determine the Agenda For Trendsetters Group


The Franklin Middle School Trendsetters group is a student-organized group with one goal - to make a difference in their community. Trendsettersis diverse in gender and culture but there are no requirements for participating. 

The group meets after school once each week. They begin each session by journaling and then decide what to share and discuss. Topics have included racism, stereotypes, suicide, parents, friends, education, and other topics. 

“The group determines the agenda for the meeting based on what they need and what they want,” explained Davena Johnson, teacher. “I am merely the facilitator.” 

Trendsetters has visited area colleges to see the differences between private and public institutions.  They have also welcomed a variety of guest speakers to talk about ways to support the community and those less fortunate than they are. They plan visits to area cultural venues.

“We hope that as we learn and bond with one another as a group and as people in the community see all of us working, playing, and getting along together, that it will break down the negative stereotypes that others may knowingly or unknowingly possess,” Johnson added.     

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