Survey Highlights District Climate


A total of 5,386 people completed the survey, including 2,019 parents, 1,402 staff members and 2,415 students.

In February, we launched Cedar Rapids Community School District’s second annual School Climate Survey to hear how our parents, staff and students feel about issues ranging from academic preparation, student support and school leadership to parent engagement, safety and behavior, school operations and school district events. The 2014 Climate Survey Report was presented to the Board of Education at the May 12 meeting.

A total of 5,386 people completed the survey, including 2,019 parents, 1,402 staff members and 2,415 students. Some 24% of those that received emailed invitations responded to the survey, and an additional 245 responses were received through the public URL. Nearly 300 more parents participated in the survey this year than last year, and 100 more staff members participated this year.

Overall, most certified staff (82%), classified staff (83%), parents (82%) and students (70%) who participated in the survey rated the overall quality of their school as either outstanding or good. In addition, 89% of staff members agree that learning standards and expectations are clearly explained to students in their school, while 88% of parents agree that their child is being prepared to do well in the next grade level, and 92% of students agree their teachers tell them what they need to know to do well in school.

Related to student support, 98% of certified staff, 84% of students and 88% of parents agreed that there is an adult at school to whom a student can go for help with a school problem. In response to questions about safety and behavior, 98% of certified staff and 91% of students reported that they are aware of safety and security procedures at their school.

Additionally, 89% of parents said that they feel their child is safe at school, which increased from 86% of parents in the 2013 survey.

On the topic of school leadership, 79% of parents who took the survey agreed that the principal makes decisions that are in the best interest of students. Additionally, 87% of certified staff who took the survey agreed that they know what their principal expects of them, and 92% of classified staff said they enjoy working for their direct supervisor.

Additionally, 94% of certified staff that took the survey said that collaboration is encouraged at their school, and 95% of classified staff members reported that they enjoy working at their school or department.

District administration will look more closely at the fact that just 47% of high school students agreed that their teachers show them how their lessons relate to life outside of school, and just 65% of parents reported that the feedback teachers provide on homework helps their child to learn.

We would also like to increase the percentage of students (58%) who agreed there is an adult at school they can talk to about personal problems and the percentage of certified staff members (76%) who agreed that their principal or other administrators provide useful feedback about their instructional practices.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond. This and future surveys are part of the District’s commitment to ensuring a quality education for all, by engaging in ongoing and effective communication with all stakeholders. In addition to the survey opportunities, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and to join the conversation of District-related topics at Each unique perspective is essential as we work together to develop 21st century learners and productive, responsible citizens.

Click here to see the 2014 District-level Climate Survey Report

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