Theory of Action Feedback Opportunity

March 28, 2016 09:54 AM

A series of key priorities and belief statements have now been drafted by the District’s Theory of Action Task Force (

The group is now looking for broader stakeholder input. You are invited to participate by viewing the accompanying video and sharing your thoughts.

During the video presentation, there are multiple opportunities for viewers to enter questions and comments in an accompanying text box.  Please follow the directions below to access the presentation (known as an EdPuzzle). You may choose to remain anonymous with your input.  

The process can take as few as 10 minutes or as much time as you need, depending on the extent of feedback you choose to provide.  We welcome your feedback through Monday, April 4, 2016.

Thank you!

NOTE: Growth Mindset is referenced in the video. Growth Mindset is defined as the core belief that abilities are impressionable and not fixed. 



EdPuzzle is an educational tool used to embed questions, checks for understanding, and/or reflection prompts within instructional videos.

To participate in the feedback process for the Theory of Action, you must set up an EdPuzzle account as a student by:

  1. Go to and create a student account (no email address needed!)

Click on "I'm a new student"


2.  To remain anonymous, see next screen.



  • First Name: "CR"  Last Name: Primary Stakeholder Role  (Parent, Staff, Admin, Community)
  • Username: First name Last name Four Digits (you pick the four digits) (ie: CRParent9999; CRStaff6754)
  • Password: Anything you'd like
  • Click "sign up"

3. Next Screen: Click "Join Class" and enter the class code: cijmope

4. View the "assignment," which is a six-minute video with seven opportunity prompts for feedback. 

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