Update on Theory of Action

June 17, 2016 09:00 AM

Members of the District’s Theory of Action Taskforce shared their work with the Board of Education June 13. The team of 85 stakeholders volunteered their time over four months to consider how the District should define and deliver on its vision of “Excellence for All.” From those meetings, belief statements emerged focused on student learning, leadership, equity, innovation, student ownership, and culture/climate.

A Theory of Action describes the beliefs supporting an organization’s strategy and align that strategy to the organization’s vision. It uses an ‘if-then’ statement to articulate what will be achieved and how.  

"I thank the members of this Task Force for their focused and thoughtful work," said Dr. Brad Buck, Superintendent. "There will be work in the future to ask that the Board consider accepting the Theory of Action formally and then diverse stakeholder groups will be formed to identify strategies, tactics, and metrics to move us closer to delivering on the promise of Excellence for All."

Watch the Theory of Action Board of Education presentation:


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