Volunteers continue to support education

July 16, 2015 03:45 PM

Data from the 2014-15 school year shows that there were 6,765 registered volunteers sharing their skills and talents on behalf of the Cedar Rapids Community School District during the school year. These individuals generously contributed 143,629 hours of time. The volunteer workforce outnumbered staff by more than 2 to 1. Calculated at the District’s lowest para wage last year ($11.63/hour) this support of education is a savings to the District of $1,670,405. 

The demographic distribution of school district volunteers continues to be diverse: 44% are parents of students; 42% are non-parents (individuals who do not have a child enrolled in the reporting school and are neither senior citizens nor youth); 6% are senior citizens; and 8% are youth.

The Volunteer Services Program is part of the Community Relations Department.

Click here for the 2014-15 Annual Report 

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