Achieving Through Assessments: ISASP Now Underway

April 23, 2021 10:00 AM
ISASP Testing

Cedar Rapids Community School District students have been hard at work this week completing the Iowa Statewide Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP).

By May 14, all students between third and 11th grade will complete the ISASP assessments, which align with the required Iowa Core learning standards and provide a clear and accurate gauge of student learning outcomes. Student growth, proficiency, and readiness indicators are reported.

“The ISASP assessments address how we are performing at system level and how future-ready our students are,” says John Rice, executive director of teaching and learning. “We can see trends in the data, which can help us target problem areas and make adjustments in the curriculum.”

By spring 2022, CRCSD’s goals are for ISASP data to reflect:

  • 80% proficiency
  • 80% of students showing growth
  • A reduction in gaps between students with and without IEPs, Black and white students, and English language learners and English-speaking students

This year is the first time CRCSD has administered ISASP assessments online. “I’ve been really impressed with the intentionality of schools preparing for these assessments,” says Nicole Kooiker, Deputy Superintendent. “Not only is it a challenging environment with COVID-19 safety protocols, but the ISASP assessment procedures are also completely new. Staff has really pulled together to make it a success for students.”

If your student has not taken the ISASP assessments yet, it is important that they are well-rested and ready. The assessments are administered once a year and results are utilized to help students become future ready. When results are ready in fall 2021, families will be able to view assessment reports online.

Read more about ISASP assessments here.

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