Book Rebinding

The Purchasing Department can get your textbooks and library books rebound.

Book Rebind Request Form
Library Count Sheet
Textbook Count Sheet

All principals, media specialists, principal secretaries, media secretaries, and bookkeepers will receive an email explaining the process.

Please have materials ready in one location in your building.  The books are to be boxed and labeled using the labels that were attached.

The following information should be included:

  • Quantities and titles of books included in each box.
  • A Library and Textbook Count Sheet must be placed inside each box and the Box Label form must be taped to the outside of each box.
  • School name and Cedar Rapids Community School District must be stamped on the title page of   each book.

TEXTBOOKS AND LIBRARY BOOKS ARE NOT TO BE BOXED TOGETHER.  Since textbooks are bound first, this procedure is necessary in order to guarantee receipt by the time school starts.

The above information is a must in order to process the books for rebinding without a possible mix-up.  We will inspect the boxes from your school; if all information is complete as per the above instructions, they will be released to the bindery.  However, if the books are not boxed and labeled properly, we will be returning the boxes to your school for repackaging.

Please contact us if there are any questions at ext. 2321.