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Classlink Login

My Apps:

The My Apps screen is where all of your online resources will be located. Enter your username and password once (if prompted) and ClassLink will remember it for you!

ClassLink MyApps


Update Password

Right click an app and choose ‘Update Password’ to update or change your stored username and passwords for your applications. This is if you have entered your username or password incorrectly or if something has changed/updated.

ClassLink Uupdate Password


App Library

The library contains many educational resources to choose from. Click the Plus (+) on the top left of the My Apps screen. Click Add on any app to place it on your My Apps screen.

ClassLink App Library


Edit Mode

To go into Edit Mode, click the paper and pencil symbol on the top right of your screen. While in Edit Mode, you can create folders and customize your My Apps screen.

ClassLink Edit Mode


My Profile

Here is where you change your profile picture, themes & colors, access your password locker, sign in with options and password recovery options.

ClassLink My Profile