English Language Arts

Kindergarten - 5th Grade


Grade Level

Unit Name


Learning to be a Reader and Writer


Creating a Sense of Story


Discovering Story Elements


Exploring Our World through Text


What’s the Difference? Comparing and Contrasting Text


Playing with Words



1st Grade

Becoming a Reader and Writer


Telling the Story


Getting the Facts


Embellishing Stories:  Digging Deeper into Craft and Structure


So….What Do You Think?


Becoming a Researcher



2nd Grade

How Will We Grow as Readers and Writers?


What’s in a Story?


What’s the Big Idea?


What’s It All About?


What are Your Thoughts?


Sharing Our Learning with Others!



3rd Grade

World of Readers and Writers


The Heart of a Story


Prove It!: Using Textual Evidence


Reading is Making Connections


Research:  Asking and Answering Questions


Passion for Poetry



4th Grade

Thinking Like an Author


Reading Between the Lines


Reading History


Investigating Characters


Exploring Our World Through Informational Text


Opening Your Mind to Poetry and Prose



5th Grade

Creating a Classroom Culture Using Literary Texts


Introduction to Informational and Technical Texts


Inferring Across Literary Genres


Finding Evidence to Support Research


Analyzing Poetry


Author’s Point of View Across Genres



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