If  we implement system-wide equity practices such as; identifying inequities; improving district and school-wide knowledge, skills, and actions explicitly focused on equitable practices; improving school-wide implementation of the equity goals; gap-closing practices; developing a growth mindset; planning and instruction through critical analysis of disaggregated achievement data,

Then  there will be clear evidence of effective equity-driven practices and procedures that will support student and adult performance as well as community/parent engagement in closing the opportunity, instruction, and achievement gaps.

Educational Equity  is the belief that quality instruction for all students will be achieved when the results of deliberate actions to close the racial, income, linguistic, teaching, and learning achievement gap becomes the driving force of the organization; by having unlimited expectations for both the top performing and under-achieving groups.

Equitable Practices  are systemic practices that deliberately identify and eradicate policies, pedagogies and perceptions that contribute to the mediocre performance of administrators and teachers, which impacts student outcomes.

Equity means…
Applying additional or different resources (human, fiscal & intellectual) to ensure all students receive what they need to exceed grade level standards.

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