Learning Supports

The Cedar Rapids Community School District is committed to a vision of Excellence for All. In order to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to succeed at school a Comprehensive System of Learning Supports has been designed and implemented.

This system includes an intervention framework that is comprehensive and cohesive in nature. It encompasses systems to promote healthy development, is preventative in nature, provides assistance in a timely fashion, and addresses the broad range of learning, behavioral, physical and emotional needs found in schools.

Barriers to learning encompass both internal and external factors that may get in the way of the student being able to reach maximum potential. These difficulties can increase as students internalize the frustrations of confronting these barriers and the negative effects of performing poorly at school. It is vital that these barriers to learning be identified and supports put in place to help every student have an equal opportunity to succeed at school.

An integrated system of learning supports includes a strong foundation of quality learning opportunities and support services that are available to all students. It is this foundation that assures successful outcomes for a majority of students and reduces the need for intervention services.

Learning Supports