Medication @ School

Procedure 605.3b

Administration of Medication to Students

Only medication prescribed by a legal prescriber* will be administered during the time the student is at school. A legal prescriber’s signature is required for administration of any non-prescription medication, including natural remedies and supplements**. The parent or legal guardian will provide written authorization. The school will have the right to contact the prescriber’s office to confirm or clarify medication instructions. All medication will be supplied to the school in the original container, properly labeled, and will be administered only by the school nurse or other personnel who have successfully completed a medication administration course conducted by a registered nurse or licensed pharmacist. Students who have demonstrated competence in administering their own medications may self-administer their medication with approval of the parent/guardian and of the school nurse. By law, students with asthma or other airway constricting diseases may self-administer their medication with approval of their parents and prescribing physician regardless of competency. A written medication administration record will be on file at school and retained for five years. All medication will be stored in a secure area unless an alternate provision is documented. Medication records will be kept confidential.

*Legal Prescriber – Physician, dentist, podiatrist, licensed physician assistant, advanced registered nurse practitioner.

** Middle and High School students, in accordance with Health Services protocols for common complaints of pain, may have limited, over-the-counter medication with written parental consent.


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  District Health Services Protocols
  Approved: 10-11-93
  Reviewed: 07-15-96
  Revised: 01-12-98
  Reviewed: 01-11-99
  Revised: 01-10-05