Paint Shop


ELSC Paint Shop

The Cedar Rapids Community School District is very fortunate to have an experienced in-house paint shop.  The district buildings are on a 5 year exterior and a 10 year interior painting schedule.  With 31 schools to paint, our painters are always busy.  But painting buildings are not the only responsibilities that the painters have. Our painters are responsible for: glass replacement, graffiti removal, locker painting, plaster repair, refinishing, playground painting, parking lot painting, signage, and roof repairs.

Blacktop and Playground Painting Guidelines:

Basketball Four Square Funnel Ball Hopscotch Tetherball


Roof Leak Procedures:

  • Inspections
    • Engineers should inspect roofs after all hard rains and at least once per month.  During inspections all debris shall be removed from the roof.  Roof reports should be filed with Buildings and Grounds when problems are found, once in the early Spring, and once in September. 

  • Roof Leaks
    • Every day that your roof leaks you must call Buildings and Grounds and report it. After calling in the leak(s), send in a roof report either by fax or mail marking the location(s) of the leak(s).  
  • Major Roof Projects
    • The following procedure shall be followed when a major roofing project is under construction at your building.   
      • When some one is on duty and it starts to rain be sure to check for roof leaks in the areas that are under construction. If leaks are found please call Buildings and Grounds. After hours notify Manager of Buildings and Grounds, Manager of Custodial and Grounds, Construction Supervisor, or Night Custodial Supervisor so they can contact the roofing contractor immediately.  
      • If it starts to rain when no one is on duty the Building Engineer should make a building check to make sure that no leaks are occurring. If leaks are found contact one of the people above so they can contact the roofing contractor immediately. If the Engineer is going to be unavailable to make building check he should delegate this responsibility to another.