Personal Information Change

For address or phone number changes, please log-in to the new Employee Self Service system to notify the human resource department. All necessary departments will be notified.

Employee Self-Service Log In Information

For those of you who have not logged into the Employee Self Service you will visit. Your username will be your four digit employee ID number you use to clock in or request leave. Your initial password will be the last four of your social security number plus your four digit birth year. If you have already logged in you may have changed your password.


Name changes: You will NOT be able to change your name thru the self-service website.
You will first need to apply (through social security) for an updated social security card reflecting your new name. Once you have received that card, please visit the human resources office. They will notify the various departments that will need the updated information.

*TEACHERS*– remember to notify the Board of Educational Examiners. Your new name must match up with your folder number.