School Facilities Use Requirements



Please use the Camp / Clinic client name for these requests.

Facility Use Fee: $25 per activity

Insurance Fee: $50 per activity

This Insurance is for Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability. It only applies for the general public and spectators, NOT participants.

Administrative Rules for Use:

  • An In-Charge Director must be designated. This person must:
    • assume all responsibility for the supervision of participants and for property damage
    • complete a District Camp/Clinic/League financial report and provide a list of participants to the school activity director within 2 weeks of the activity
  • Promotional materials must clearly state the disclaimer: “This is a private activity not sponsored by CRCSD”.
  • Fees for these activities may not be paid from the District Student Activity Funds.
  • Voluntary donations from the activity may be contributed to a District Student Activity Fund.
  • Participants and coaches must be compliant with Department of Education, IHSSA and IGHSAU regulations.