Spotless Schools


The Cedar Rapids Community School District Custodial and Grounds Department has a policy of “spotless schools”. This means that we strive for spotlessness in the cleanliness of our buildings, and also in the conduct of our faculty, staff, and students. We believe that how people treat their surroundings reflects how they treat others around them.

Our faculty and staff are committed to being the best role models they can be for Cedar Rapids’ next generation. They conduct themselves in a positive and professional manner at all times, and work to be patient and understanding with our students. Some custodians are able to teach life skills to students firsthand, such as teaching them how to properly wipe down tables and how to recycle.

District buildings are kept clean through numerous tactics, including intelligent delegation of duties and emphases on energy efficiency. For more information on how we work to keep our schools spotless, click on one of the page links below!


Cleaning Initiatives

Green Cleaning Efforts

Micro Fiber

Performance Evaluations