District Dashboard FAQs

The Cedar Rapids Community School District, spanning 121 square miles and having an operating budget of $263 million, is the second largest school district in the State of Iowa. There are 21 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 4 high schools, and an alternative center. The District strives to provide accurate, timely, and transparent communication for the purposes of increasing understanding about the public education system. The Dashboard is intended to provide staff, parents, and community members an at-a-glance assessment of District goals, including comparative and historical trends when possible.

What is a Dashboard?

The Dashboard is a high level overview of the status and trends in student achievement, and social emotional and behavioral development, human resources, finance and operations, and community involvement, in the Cedar Rapids Community School District.  It is intended to be a quick user-friendly tool that provides comparative and historical trends data when possible.

Why did the District create the Dashboard?

The Dashboard is intended to offer an at-a-glance assessment on how schools are performing, as well as a status assessment of key operations in the District.


Will the Dashboard be updated and changed?

Yes, the contents of the Dashboard will be updated as new data becomes available. In general, updates will occur as follows:

  • Achievement data will be updated in the fall. 
  • Financial data will be updated on an annual basis before the end of September, following the fiscal year end closing of the books. 
  • Human Resources data will be updated each fall when new information is verifiable.
  • Student Development data will be updated during the summer following each school year.
  • Community Involvement data will be updated during the summer following each school year.

Over time, we expect the Dashboard to evolve as we include more detailed information and provide data from other measures and assessments the District uses to determine the progress of its students.