Strategic Plan

District Strategic Plan - Cedar Rapids Community School District, Strategic Plan, Vision, Every Learner: Future Ready, Mission To ensure all learners experience a rigorous and personalized learning experience so they have a plan, a pathway, and a passion for their future. Core Beliefs Leadership: Leadership is a collaborative action that empowers stakeholders to promote improvement. Innovation: Innovative educational experiences foster creativity, promote personalized learning, and connect student's passions to their future world. Equity: Equity of voices, resources, opportunities, and expectations is critical for the current and future success of every student. Student Ownership: Students are empowered to take ownership when they engage as partners in their learning. Culture/Climate: All community members are valued and thrive in a safe, diverse, engaging, and growth-oriented culture/climate while exhibiting respect for the well-being of self, others and the learning environment. Student leaning: All students deserve high quality instruction which provides academic, social, and emotional learning to prepare for a successful future. Focus Areas Story: Develop and execute a robust marketing and community relations plan to reclaim and advance our story. Workforce: Align workforce and workforce programs around vision and goals and build a high performance culture. Facilities: Re-imagine, re-envision, and re-invest in our facilities to create future ready learning and work environments. Learning: Define, align, and operationalize future ready outcomes, programs, and measures at each level. Equity: Embrace and value the diversity of all learners: students, staff and families.

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