Student Development

Attendance: Everybody, Every Day!

Good attendance is directly related to academic achievement. Because missing school negatively affects student performance, the expectation is that students attend school every day. If attendance issues arise, the focus is on building positive relationships with the family and students in an attempt to address the barriers that get in the way of students coming to school on a regular basis.


Link to attendance policy (602) and procedures (602a and 602b): 
Policy Manual

Hope, Engagement and Well-Being

The Gallup Student Poll is a 20-question survey that measures the hope, engagement and well-being of students in grades 5-12. The Gallup Research has shown that these factors drive students’ grades, achievement scores, retention, and future employment.


Hope: The ideas and energy we have for the future drives effort, academic achievement, credits earned, and retention of students of all ages.

Engagement: The involvement in and enthusiasm for school reflects how well students are known and how often they get to do what they do best.

Well-Being: How we think about and experience our lives tells us how students are doing today and predicts their success in the future.