Health Services

Health Services Mission

To support academic success and social, emotional,
behavioral and physical health of all students.


The main objective of the District’s school health services program is to enhance student success by decreasing health related barriers to learning. The health services department includes: a health services administrator, a health services facilitator, school nurses, nurse practitioners and health secretaries. Working as a team, they assist students to reach optimum health enabling them to achieve their fullest potential.

Health care of the school-aged student is the primary responsibility of the parent/guardian. The school nurses role focuses on factors affecting a child’s learning in school. The nurse interprets the student’s health care needs to school staff, manages medication administration, and helps in the assessment of physical, social and emotional health. In addition school nurses act as a health education resource for teachers, identify health and safety hazards in the schools, and offer health guidance to students and their families. The school nurses have multiple building assignments and may be in a building a day a week.

A health secretary who has certification in First Aid, CPR, and medication administration is present in the school health office daily. The health secretary is responsible for care of routine illnesses and injuries, medication administration, clerical functions and maintaining the clinic and supplies. Health secretaries communicate with the nurses for urgent concerns or emergencies via phone when the nurse is not present. Nurse practitioners provide expanded health services to qualifying students in the district at Metro Care Connection, our school based health clinics.