Damage / Loss of Personal Property

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What personal property is eligible for coverage?

It would include personal property that was damaged when an employee was maintaining discipline or as a result of a violent act when an employee was performing work duties.

Claim Submission Process:

Step 1) Notify your building administrator.
Step 2) If there was an injury, HR should also be notified.
Step 3) Complete and submit the following form.

Claims will be submitted to the District insurance using the pertinent information from the completed form. If approved, the claim will be reimbursed by accounting through the employee reimbursement system. No further action will be required by the employee.


Describe the incident using the textbox below. For description of the incident include date, time, what happened, who was involved, was a police report filed and why/why not, were parents notified and why/why not, were there witnesses, what was damaged/destroyed.

Email invoice and picture documentation (if applicable), to Sarah Brown at sabrown@crschools.us

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