Staff Development Classes

Current Staff Development Courses

This is the staff development courses web page.

The current courses can be seen by clicking on this link.

For information on registering for any of these classes please read the Registration Information section.

Registration Information

1. Click here to go to the site.

2. Enter your last name, first name and social security number or driver’s license number and click Log In.

If you are new to the district, you might get this message: "You are a first time user, please click here to create your profile".

If you receive that message then you will need to enter your information in all of the boxes that have an * and click the Update Profile link.

3. You will see your profile

4. Click the Register button


5. Click the dropdown arrow to see the list of courses and click on the course you want to register for.


6. Select the credit type and click the Register button.


7. You will receive an e-mail confirmation.

Note: If you encounter any problems with the registration process, please call 558-2700 for assistance.