What Teachers are Saying About Teacher Leadership

The Learning Supports Facilitator assigned to our building sets purposeful agendas for our PLC meetings, listens to concerns, streamlines conversations, follows up and follows through, and starts problem solving immediately.  She knows what she is doing and she knows how to communicate with people in a way that they feel supported, working alongside them. 

All of our PD is relevant to what we are doing in our buildings for our students.  In addition to our PLC meetings with the LS Facilitator, our Admin team and our Grant Wood special education consultant meet with her weekly as a Tier 2 team.  We have worked on establishing entrance and exit criteria for our Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions, writing brief FBAs to better target students' social/emotional needs, structuring purposeful social skill instruction, and making sure we have the right systems in place to be effective and efficient in dealing with the SEB needs of our students.  It certainly helps that she and our Grant Wood special education consultant collaborate and communicate so well with one another.  They have honestly made a huge impact on how things are done at our school this year.  

Elementary Teacher   


"I want to thank everyone for the work they have put in on behalf of the Earth Science PLC.  Whether you helped develop this course over the last 2 years or joined us this year as we implemented the curriculum, your work is appreciated.  I also want to thank Julie and Karla for giving us the support we needed along the way. My hope is that the lines of communication will remain open for us to share successful activities and effective strategies to continue making this the best course possible.  Looking towards next year, I plan to delete older and duplicated items out of the 365 folders but encourage everyone to continuing using these folders as a means to share with the group."    Robert Young

"I hope the Leadership team knows how top rate their Professional Learning materials are. There can't be another district anywhere that has such fine work prepared for them. It's very impressive! It will take some study to present it well but everyone will get the same message which is important. BRAVO team!!"
“Overall, the model classroom teacher visit was very helpful and invigorated my own practice. I began to implement new instructional strategies as soon as I returned to my classroom!”
“I wanted to express to you how WONDERFUL these walk-throughs have been! I have enjoyed having each of you in my room and giving me your perspective on what you are seeing! Two sets of eyes are better than one! I have learned something new with each feedback sheet from you! I appreciate the commitment our district has made in this area and wanted you all to know that I love having you stop by and see what we are doing and giving me the feedback. My individual meetings with my IDS are great also! He has been very helpful at reaching some goals and looking at things through a different lens.”
Kelly Phelan Snyder - Fitness and Music Education Dept Chair