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How do I get started?

This faq is some quick notes put together meant to help you get started with the basics working with the American Eagle Content Management System.

Towards the top there is a Help link. It will take you to some help videos including “Creating a web page” and “Editing a web page”.


Once you log in you will see on the left hand side the links to update the website.

The main one you will be using is under Content Pages – Pages.


If you click on Pages you will see a list of all of the webpages for your school website. The last one edited shows on the top.  If you don’t see the one you want you can search for it by typing part of the name in the URL textbox and clicking Search. That will bring it up on the list.

An example of what you will see follows...



The little pencil on the left is the edit button. Click on that and it will open up the page.

The web pages are made up of a lot of combined modules.  The Content Module is the one with the page content that you will be focusing on.  That is where you will edit your page contents. You need to hover over it to see the edit links. I always use the Full Editor.  It will look like below. Click on Full Editor and it will bring up your page.


Here you can do your updating. If you are creating a link click on the globe. If you are inserting an image click on the button next to the flag  image_image that will allow you to link to an image or upload it if you haven’t already. The other formatting tools are a lot like Word.

You can see images for the site in Asset Manager on the left hand side. You can use that to upload and store files that you will be using on your website. The Default Folders are folders that the system uses to store files. You can allow them to store everything there or you can make your own directory structure under Assets and define your folder structure under there and upload the files accordingly.

Once you are done editing your webpage click OK.



Then, if you want to save your changes click on Save in the upper left hand corner.


Then click on Save & Publish.

 Also it is very important that you create and update your webpages with Section 508 in mind. Read about that in another faq called "What is Section 508 and how do I change my webpage heading tags so they are section 508 compliant?".

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Is there a way to delete an event on the webpage calendar?

Go into Event Calendar - Manage Events - find the Event you want to delete - click on the garbage can - if you are sure it is the right one click Delete.

The garbage can is the third icon from the left.



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How do I update the American Eagle video box?

Instructions for updating the American Eagle video box:

Please have a browser window in IE or Chrome with the YouTube Video Link open.

You will also want a picture that represents your video,  loaded into asset manager, sized to 799X414

  1. First, we are going to update the background image in the Video Box.

    Please navigate to Asset Manager, upload an image or select a image already uploaded. Again make sure that your image is cropped to 799X414. Please right click on the image that you want to use. Select properties. You are looking to copy a portion of the Asset URL, it should look some thing like this (/assets/26/6/imagename.jpg ) Please copy that partial URL (you will paste it later). You are now finished with Asset manager so you can cancel out of it.
  2. In the Content Management System, under Content Pages – select WYSIWYG Modules then find Module Name - Video Box.
  3. Select the pencil icon to edit the Video Box.
  4. Once you are in the Content Tool – Add/Edit Module
    Looks like this:

  5. Please click the SOURCE under the Module HTML. You are looking for this line of code:


    This should kind of look familiar, Look for src=”/assets/…./…./filename.jpg”.  You will paste in the new Asset URL.Once completed, click source and go back to this view. Your new image should appear.
  6. Now to update the video link. Move your curser to the text underneath Latest Video, the text is hyperlinked, our plan is to modify that link. Please right click and select edit link. A box will appear that looks like this:


    Now copy the youtu.be/pf1uwLipbbg part of the link that you have prepared in another IE/Chrome tab and paste the new URL into the URL area and press OK.
  7. We now have the correct video, press Save, wait a minute or so, refresh your website and your video box should be updated.


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My left side navigation is not showing up. How do I fix that?

I am working on updating our website.  I added two more staff pages - support staff  and special ed teachers. If you look at these pages, the navigation on the left hand side of the page does not appear on either of these two pages.  All the other staff pages (and pages in general) have the navigation. How do I get the navigation to show up like the other pages?


To correct the missing navigation when you go to Save you will see the Publish tab. Click on the Settings tab before you Save & Publish.

Be sure it is on the Desktop tab. You don’t need to worry about the Mobile tab for this because it does not have navigation drop downs.

There, on the Page Navigation line click on Our School (or whichever navigation you need) on the first drop down from the left.

If you want another level of navigation you can click on the sub-navigation to the right of that one also.

After you make your changes go back to the Publish tab and click on Save & Publish.


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How do I create an alert that goes across the top of the website?

I am working on adding Back to School information to our website and I would like to make it an alert banner.  How do I do that?


To make a banner on your website like the Emergency Test above you start by creating a regular news story.

When you make that story you need to change the "Is Emergency" radio button to Yes and save it.


Once you do that it will show up (after a few minutes).  To remove the banner but leave the news story just change the Yes to No and save. The other way to remove it would be to delete the whole news story.


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I just made a news story but it is not showing on the home page of our website. Why not?

To get a news story to show on the home page of your website you need to check Yes for the radio button of the "Is Featured" question.

It is set to No by default.



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I have really messed up my webpage. Is there a way of restoring it to an older version?

American Eagle keeps a history of all changes of a webpage.

To see the list of changed versions click on the History link on the right hand side of where the webpage is listed.


That will take you to a page that lists all of the versions of that webpage that have been created.

You can restore to any version you want to. Find the correct date you want and click on the blue arrow on the left.


That will open up the history page. Click on Save and then click on Restore & Publish.


If you decide that is not the one you want to restore just click on the Exit link on the right instead of Save.



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How do I update the social icons?


Under Content Pages - WYSIWYG Modules - click on the edit pencil to update the Footer Social Logos.


From there click on the social icon that you want to update. After you clicked once on it click on the globe. That will bring up the social links. Make your url updates and click on OK and Save.


If you want a social icon that is not listed you will have to contact the District webmaster.


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How do I link a handbook directly to the pdf file under Navigation?

I want to create a link that opens up the handbook directly to the pdf file. I am not sure how to do that. I went under Navigation but I didn't see a spot to upload or link to a pdf file. How do I go about doing this?

Unfortunately this is one of the limitations of the system.

When you try to link directly to a file in navigation there is not a browse button. 

What you have to do is go into asset manager, browse for the file you want, right click on it, click on properties, and cut and paste the asset url.  Be sure to get the / at the beginning of the path. An example for the handbook would be /assets/2/6/arthur_hb_15_16.pdf 

The image below shows where to copy it from. You take that copied path and paste that into the url of where you want to link it to under Navigation.

Be sure to also change the target to open in a new window on the Navigation side.



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Why are my changes to the homepage not showing up on the mobile site?

Some schools have reported that some of their website changes they made to the home page are not showing up on their mobile version.

One possible reason for that is the content module.

Remember, if you have a content module on your home page, on the desktop version, you need to go into the mobile version and update it also.  (NOTE: This is only true of the homepage).

To edit the mobile version, first open up the home page, then click on View As… and choose Mobile.  That will load up the mobile version of your home page.


Then find your corresponding content page and edit it the same as you did on the desktop.

If you don’t have that content module on the mobile version then you need to add it through Add ModuleContent


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What size do the photos need to be for the slide show? And how do I change the size?

The size of the slideshow banner needs to be 1600 pixels by 509 pixels.

To find this information or sizes of other website images, you would go to Asset Manager in the Content Management System, click to active the sub-categories you want to select, Crop Presets.


Crop Presets look like this:


It is best, unless you have photoshop type of software program, to upload your images into Asset Manager and then modify that image. This image has been uploaded, you can see on the properties, this picture is 3264X2448.



This picture would be a good choice for the slideshow because it is larger than 1600X509. You right click on the image and select the Crop/Resize option. The screen should now look like this:


You will select the dimensions slider which is just to the left of the Dimensions number and reduce the number to around 1700.


Next you will use the crop preset and highlight slideshow banner.


This is where it gets really fun (HA!) (it will give you a white box…and darker area) adjust one side where you think it will look the best. Keep moving it until you think you have it right.


Then Select Crop. It will crop your image to 1600X509. Use the sliding bars to review your image, if you like it press SAVE, if you don't like it exit out of the box. And start again. It may take a couple of times. If you are really struggling, please contact Justin Schaefer via district email.

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How do I update the school hours, address and phone number at the footer of the website?

Every school website has the school name, hours, address, and phone number listed on the bottom footer of every webpage.


To update any of those open up CMS – Content Pages – WYSIWYG Modules – "Footer Address".  Be very careful making any changes to this. It is easy to delete too much and change the formatting.  The best way to do it would be to highlight want you want updated and type in the replacement. Once you make your changes in the “Module HTML” click on Save.  Verify your changes in a refreshed browser.

Those changes were for the desktop. For the footer you also have to update a separate module for the mobile side.  That is “Mobile Footer Bottom”.  Make the same changes there and click Save.

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How do I get the id of the form I created to show up on the email that is sent after a form submission?

To add the id of the form that is submitted to the email that is sent use the

%%ID%% as shown below.


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How do I remove a link from the navigation menu without deleting the navigation link?

To remove the link from the menu without actually deleting the navigation open up the Navigation link you want to remove and click on "Skip Navigation" as shown below and save it.

Note: It will take a few minutes for it to take affect.

When you want to restore the link just uncheck it and save.


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Why is the image on my newsletter article cutoff on the right hand side?

That is a feature American Eagle put in to want you to click on Read More and see the rest of the story. Sort of a continuation if you will.

Unfortunately there is nothing (unless we have American Eagle rewrite it), that will change the appearance of the image being cutoff.


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How do I delete a webpage and / or a navigation link?

To delete a webpage you go to Content Pages – Pages – find the page you want – click on the garbage can – a dialog box will come up – click on Delete if you are sure


If the page is linked someplace in Navigation you will receive an error message that looks like the following…



You will have to delete or update the navigation link first.

To delete the navigation link go to Content Pages – Navigation – find the link you want to remove – click on the garbage can – it will say Are You Sure – if you are sure click on OK and the navigation link will be deleted.

If you are updating the navigation link go to Content Pages - Navigation - find the link you want to update - click on the pencil - make your changes and click on Save.



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What should be entered in the News Story Date Fields?

There are 2 main dates with News Stories.

One is the Post Date.  It defaults to the current date and time.  If you want it to publish right away just leave it as default.  If you want it to publish in the future then you can change that to whenever you want it to publish.

The other date is the Archive Date.  That should be filled out with August 1st of the next school year.  As an example, if you are in the school year of 2016-17 then the archive date should be 8/1/2017.  What that will do is archive all of those news stories into that school year so when you go to the News - View All - View Archives - and choose a year you will see all of the news stories for that year.

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What is a Form and how do I create one?

A form is a webpage that can be generated in CMS that allows the user to fill out a form and email the submitted results.

In CMS the link looks like  form

All websites have a Comments / Questions form. The link to it is at the bottom of every page under the Select Language.  It looks like...comments
Clicking on the "Click Here" will give you a page like..

That link is controlled under Content Pages - WYSIWYG Modules - Desktop link is "Footer Questions and Language" and the mobile link is "Mobile Footer Questions".

To determine who gets the submitted results in an email you have to have the Form open and then click on Save - Advanced - Selected Action - Send E-Mail. If you are ever changing it be careful because it is easy to wipe out everything that is entered.  It will look something like...

In this instance whomever the Pertaining To is pointing to is who will receive the email results. To determine that go to Forms - Pertaining To...

That will show you something like...

The email address is where the form results will be sent to. You can have multiple Pertaining To and whichever one the user selects on the form is the one it will get sent to.

An example of an email would be...

When a new webmaster starts, the Pertaining To email address needs updated to reflect the new webmaster email.

To create your own form click on Forms - Create New Form.  That will give you an option of a Blank form or Copy. It is easiest to copy from the Contact Us form, name it and save it under a new name and add / change the fields you need accordingly.

On the Action on Submit it will determine what happens to the user after submission. It can either redirect to another page or you can display a message on the page such as "Thank you for contacting us!".

Fill out the Advanced tab similar to the screenshot above. You will need to Save once for the Advanced tab and again for the form itself. After you have it all set up be sure to test it out to verify it works the way you want it to.

After you create a new form you will need to put it on a page. Either use an existing one or create a new one. Open the page in edit mode and at the top - center click on "Add Module"...
Then choose Form Builder and then Choose Form - Add.  That will place the form on your page. Save the page. Then you will need to add a link to the new form page from wherever you want it placed.

A list of the submitted forms shows up under Forms...

Click on "View Submissions" to see the forms that have been submitted for that specific form.


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My principal said a parent emailed him a comment / question through the website but I don't have a clue what he is talking about. What is he referring to?

On the lower left hand corner of every website is a link below the Select Language link that looks like…

When you click on "CLICK HERE" you should get a form that looks something like…

When you click on Submit on that form (assuming it is filled out) it will send an email to whomever is defined under the Pertaining To section of the Forms.


To verify it is working you can fill out the form yourself and it should send an email to the person defined in the Pertaining To that was chosen.  You can have multiple Pertaining Tos. If the person doesn’t receive the email verify the Pertaining To is correct and if you don't see the issue contact the webmaster.

The mobile version and the desktop version work a little differently so test both to verify they are both working correctly.

All websites should have a working Comments or Questions form so you shouldn’t need to do anything unless you are changing who gets the email.

For more information on the inner workings of a form check out the "What is a Form and how do I create one?" faq.

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How do I edit the School Info Box on the Home Page?

If you are not sure which box is your School Info box open up CMS, click on the Dashboard link, click on Edit Homepage


scroll down until you see the School Info box text. If the box is on the right side of the page you should be able to see it and it should look something like the image below. 

If it is on the left side of the page you might have to drag a box over to the right just a little to see what name it is.  Be sure not to actually move the box out of position.  Just move it enough to see the name then release it and let it fall back in place. If you think you might have changed something exit out without saving and go back in.

That will let you know which box is your school info box.

To edit the School Info box go to CMS – Content Pages – WYSIWYG Modules – School Info Box – click on the edit pencil.


You will notice that everything is left justified but in the middle of the page.  That is the way American Eagle set up the formatting so all of the different boxes display together correctly on the page.

Make your changes and click on Save. Verify your changes by opening up the page in a browser and refreshing the page.  Test the desktop and mobile both.

Since this is a School Info box it will be updated automatically on the mobile version also.


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What is Section 508 and how do I change my webpage heading tags so they are section 508 compliant?

Section 508 is an amendment to the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act.  In short it says that all electronic and information technology that is developed, maintained or used by public and government entities need to be accessible to people with disabilities.

Webmasters need to make sure all heading tags are compliant. In order to find any non-compliant page you will need to review each page’s headings.

Click here for a document explaining how to determine if the page is non-compliant and how to correct it if it is non-compliant.

There was a huge push in 2017 to make sure that all websites are compliant. American Eagle put on a video conference explaining Section 508 and what to do to make your websites compatible. The meeting was recorded and is on CANVAS. CANVAS has a page called "Website 508 Compliance" that explains Section 508 and has a link to the video. Be sure to read that over and watch the video. It is important that you was a webmaster understand how to build your webpages with compliancy in mind. If you have problems accessing the page contact the webmaster.

One thing I learned working on the updates was about the alternative text for images. Readers know it is an image so you do not have to say "image of something". Just say what it is. It is considered redundant.

Another thing is also on alternative text for images. If the image does not convey content or if the content is presented in nearby text (e.g. a caption), null / empty alternative text (alt="") is appropriate.


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How do I update a webpage title?

Every webpage shows the title of the page on the tab of the browser.

It looks like...

By default the title is auto-generated from the page heading and category. To update it go to Content Pages - Pages - open up a webpage for editing - Save - Search Engine Optimization tab - under Page Title update the text to what you want. You will notice that typing in that textbox updates the text under Full Page Title. Click on the Publish tab again and click on Save & Publish. You have now updated the title to your webpage.


This is only needed if you want to change the default.

To the right of the Desktop tab is the Mobile tab. Click on that and repeat the process you just did for the desktop. That will update the title on the mobile side.

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What is a quick link and how do I update it?

A quick link is a way of adding a link to your website and put it in a more prominent place so it is easier and quicker to access.

The 2 main quick links on all sites are the Calendar and QuickLinks on the top of every page.
Quick Links

This is an example of using a quick link on the right side menu. Each link takes you to the webpage of a Board Member.
Quick Link Right Side Example

The updating of the Quick Links is done under Quick Links - Quick Links.

The quick links are separated out by categories. They can be updated under Categories. The category for Calendar is Calendar and the category for Quicklinks is Main.
Update Quick Links

To edit a quick link or a category click on the pencil editor and make your changes and save. To delete either one click on the garbage can.

You can add categories as needed. You would use a category to combine groups of links that you want to display together such as the list of Board Members above. You do that by clicking on Category - Add Quick Link Category. Enter in the Name of what you want the link to display and click on Save.

Now you can use that to create a new Quick Link. Create a new quick link by clicking on Quick Links - Quicklinks - Add Quick Links - fill out the form by entering the name of the quick link (that will be what displays on the webpage), choose Target (use Open New Window when leaving your site), check Is Active if you want it displayed on your site, check internal link if you are going to a webpage on your own site (the webpages on your site will show in the url box), check the category you want it to be displayed under, type the url it will go to when clicked (the webpages on your site will show (NOTE: do not choose a mobile page, that will take care of itself on the mobile side) - if it is an external link you will need the full http:\\... otherwise only need \name_of_page), check Link to File if you are linking to a file such as a pdf file, it will allow you to browse to where the file is), click Save 
Add Quick Link

Now you need to add the Quick Link you created to your webpage. You will need a 3 column webpage to add a quick link on the right side. You change the number of columns on a webpage by opening the page in edit mode (stop before you choose the editor option) click on Options - Change Template - click on 3 Columns.
Change Webpage Columns


That will place your chosen quick link category on the right side of your page (note that now your webpage will be divided in 3 parts leaving a lot less area for the main section) - you will need to click on the inserted quick link - Options - and choose the category you want displayed (note you can also change the name of the category that is displayed) - click OK
Choose Category

Save your webpage. That will add the quick link to your webpage.

You can control the order they are displayed on the page by going into Quick Links - choose the category you want sorted - click on Search - that will display all of the quick links for that category - drag the arrows up or down to place the quick link where you want it in the sort order (there is no Save to this part - it just keeps it in that order)

Sort Quick Links


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