First Round of Vaccines Distributed to Staff

Thank you Health Services and Human Resources

“A herculean effort”

As of today, the first round of COVID-19 vaccines have been completed for Cedar Rapids Community School District staff. Staff received the Moderna vaccine—a two-dose regimen—and will receive their second doses in March.

CRCSD is partnering directly with Linn County Public Health to offer on-site vaccination clinics to staff. Additionally, because our school-based health clinics, Metro Care Connection, is authorized as a state vaccine provider, CRCSD was able to facilitate vaccinations for some neighboring school districts.

The major undertaking was led by the Health Services and Human Resources departments, who have worked tirelessly to coordinate and execute the effort.

“It is no secret at CRCSD our people make a difference. With the partnership of Human Resources and Health Services, they accomplished something in days that would typically take weeks to coordinate,” says Linda Noggle, executive director of talent management. “I could not be more proud of what has been accomplished. Their passion, commitment, and hard work is what made this possible.”

“I am incredibly proud of our school nurses for their vital role in vaccinating our school staff. It was a herculean, multi-departmental effort to get first doses to our district staff and required many hours of planning and organization,” adds Sandy Byard, health services facilitator. “I am grateful for their hard work, willingness to work long hours, and passion for their role in protecting and enhancing the health and safety of our students, staff, and community.”


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