Joy, Hope, and Peace

Noreen Bush smiling at the ELSC sign


I watched my husband, our two sons, and our Norwegian Elkhound remove snow from our driveway and walkways last Saturday. Admittedly, the dog was really playing and not helping the situation. As I held down the indoor fort with two very lazy cats, I just sat and enjoyed the beauty of the snow covered trees, my husband on his four wheeler ripping up and down the driveway, and our two sons working together to shovel the path while the dog wrecked their progress bounding in and out of snow banks. I laughed out loud all by myself many times. I was so grateful to just stop, watch, listen, and laugh. Pure JOY. Sometimes, unexpected moments need just that...they need us to STOP. WATCH. LISTEN...and bask in the JOY of  the moment.


When I allow myself to “be” in the moment, I find so many HOPE spots:

  • Children laughing and playing with one another
  • Staff members cheering kids on--both in person and virtually 
  • Kids singing with each other and their music teachers on the screen
  • Principals holding doors open in the morning and greeting students
  • Parents engaging in conferences, phone calls, emails, social media, and meetings 
  • Buildings opening after months of restoration
  • Artists designing, sculpting, and creating beautiful works together
  • Community members reaching out asking, “How can I help?”

I have found HOPE in the simple things that perhaps in previous years did not seem extraordinary; but now, they take on a completely different meaning. My HOPE for all of you is that you can take time to notice those simple things that are now possible but seemed impossible just six months ago.


This year has certainly brought unsettling events to our lives. As I look at what we have accomplished together as a school district over the past six months, I am so incredibly proud. We certainly have work to do--areas to grow and improve--opportunities for 2021 Resolutions. As I reflect on the bigger picture, I know that we will get there together. We have already accomplished so much. Knowing we will stay focused on continually improving together gives me PEACE of mind; we will do great things for our kids with each other.

So, in this season and always, I wish you JOY, HOPE, and PEACE

All of my best to you,


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