Meet Paula Pino


Meet Paula Pino, a behavior tech at Metro High School. 

A Metro graduate herself, she first spent 13 years working as an associate at the school. She then took a break and left the school to do nonprofit and missionary work. Now back at Metro, she is living her passion as a behavior tech.

“I just knew I wanted to have a role in student’s lives, and to come back and be able to work with students is my passion,” says Pino. “I am more of a life skills support person, just working to help kids get to where they need to be in life.”

Pino credits student success to “Metro magic”—a fantastic staff working together to meet any of the needs students have.  

Every day, Pino goes the extra mile for her students, helping students overcome barriers in their education and lives. 

Pino helps students by removing barriers so they can focus on their education. This can include daily text messages or phone calls to wake students up for the day, providing rides to students, and increasing access to food. 

It’s not a 7:50 a.m. to 3 p.m. job. “I have worked with students in the evenings, to read with them, “ says Pino. She also helps students tackle other school work. “With access to technology tools, we can connect with students anytime that works for them.”

“Graduation is important, I want to see our students be successful and be good citizens,” adds Pino. “I want them to have the skills they need to go on, to be independent on their own.”

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