Become a Part of the Team!

We would love for you to apply to be on our team!


This process will take a total of six months, because we want to find the custodial team you work best with. Because this is a school setting, there are application steps we need to take that other employers do not. These measures are to protect our students, as well as to make sure this job is the best fit for you!

To apply, follow this link to Applitrack and search for the job you want to apply for. Click the orange “Apply” button in the upper right corner of the position you want to apply for, and fill out the Applitrack application. Keep the JobID number in mind when you fill out the application, because you will need to enter it in some fields. The JobID number of the position you are applying for can be found directly to the left of the orange “Apply” button. After you fill out an Applitrack application, you will be asked to meet for an interview with our Custodial and Grounds Manager, Matt Dunbar.

If you pass through the interview, you will be asked to take a physical. This physical will be performed through St. Luke’s Work Well downtown. They will ask you about your medical history,and then send you upstairs for strength tests. Please, make sure you put all of your effort into these tests! We are required to check your physical state because of the laborious nature of custodial work.

IMG_6712After reading your Team Basics handbook, your probationary period will start! Your first six months with us are considered probation, meaning that you are still training and learning. This is the last step to pass before you can be hired on with the School District. You'll be assigned to a school to work, and Managers from Buildings and Grounds and your supervisor will come by every once in a while and inspect your performance. They will give you feedback on both your professional and personal conduct. Don't get disheartened when you receive constrictive criticism - this is your opportunity to keep growing as a member of the team, and to help us keep our schools spotless! If you don't seem to be a good match with that school, then we'll move you to another one. Those applying for seasonal positions will not have a probation period because of the short-term nature of their work.

To clock in for the day, you will use the finger print scanner located in your building. Remember your four digit employee code that’s given to you so you can clock in and out each day! If you forget your employee code, talk to your supervisor. Check to the right side of the screen for a green checkmark after you clock in and clock out. This checkmark means that the system has successfully clocked you in or out for the day; if it doesn’t pop up, call Human Resources.

Please keep your noise level in mind while working during school hours, as it can be a big distraction to the students. If there is noisy equipment you need to use, such as floor buffers, wait to use them until school has let out for the day. If you find any possessions while you're working, like a pencil, a toy, or a cell phone, turn it in to the front office as soon as possible! There are lost and found boxes there, so the students and other staff will know where to pick up their lost things.


If you've passed your probationary period, you are officially on our custodial crew!