Extended School Year Services

What are Extended School Year (ESY) services? 

ESY services are special education instructional and/or related services that may be provided to an eligible stu­dent beyond the normal school year. This might be during the summer or any break during the year.

Who is eligible for ESY services?

All students who are eligible for special education instruction support or related services are considered for ESY services.

When may a student need ESY services? 

Some students may need continuous skill instruction in order to receive an appropriate educational program. This instruction may help students learn new skills during a critical time or help students maintain skills throughout the year. 
Other students may regress during the interruption of school services and require significant recoupment time when school resumes. ESY services may prevent the loss of skills during breaks in the school year.

Who determines if a student receives ESY services? 

Eligibility is discussed at an individualized education program (IEP) meeting. The student’s IEP team makes the determination.

How does the IEP team decide which students require ESY services? 

Each state develops standards to help IEP teams make decisions. In Iowa, the IEP team addresses four questions to help determine a child’s need for ESY services. 

  • Are there goal areas of concern which need to be ac­quired or maintained without interruption for the student to meaningfully benefit from a free, appropriate public education? 
  • Has there been (or is there a potential for) significant regression during periods of interruptions that would re­quire significant recoupment? 
  • Are there rare and unusual circumstances that necessi­tate continuous instruction for service? 
  • Are there other factors to be considered in determining the need for ESY services?

What sources of information does the IEP team review to assist with ESY eligibility?

Progress monitoring data on IEP goals information provided by the parents interviews with teachers or staff reports from outside agencies if available.

Who can I contact for additional information on ESY services? 

Please contact your child’s teacher, the building principal, or Special Services (558-2575).