Green Cleaning

Much of Custodial and Grounds work happens behind-the-scenes; however, we take great pride in being front and center when it comes to the environment.  These are three main efforts that make us truly green!




It is our responsibility to safeguard the school environment and student health, and our cleaning frequencies and work schedules have been built to streamline these processes.  The vacuum cleaners we use throughout the District contain HEPA filters to remove contaminants from the carpet, and are designed to operate quietly.  Chemical management and dilution control systems are used wherever possible to limit chemical exposure and organize cleaning efforts.



Our custodial crews are diligent about turning off lights when rooms are vacant, and closing classroom doors so air conditioning is conserved.  All paper products in the District are post-recycled, and any hand dryers in restrooms are energy-efficient so that paper waste is reduced.




We use products and procedures which promote the reduction of waste and provide and help our buildings and cleaning materials last longer. New technology is continually being incorporated in cleaning, such as microfiber dust mops which eliminate the use of oils and laundry services and increase the effectiveness of our cleaning procedures.  We polish terrazzo flooring wherever possible which reduces the cost of floor finish, delivers superior shine, and saves the District tens of thousands of dollars each year. Polishing terrazzo floors also ensures that the wax dust from stripping the terrazzo doesn’t end up in our air and our custodians’ lungs.