Head Lice

Louse at different stages of development 
(Lice is plural for louse) 


<———- Adult louse 
<———- Baby louse (nymph) 
<———- Nit (egg) on a hair strand

Head Lice Management Plan

As a part of a community plan, the Cedar Rapids Community School District will support families by emphasizing prevention, early detection and education as the best edge in controlling head lice.

Pediculosis (head lice) represents a common communicable childhood condition, an acknowledged “problem” with raising and caring for children. Community involvement is deemed very important, and families must actively participate at home in the treatment and prevention of head lice. The plan established by the Cedar Rapids Community School District is designed to be family friendly and sensitive to individual needs. Our goal is to support families and keep kids where they need to be—in school!

Students with signs and symptoms of head lice will be referred to the school health office for evaluation and recommendations for treatment. However, no child will be excluded from school. Families in elementary classrooms where one or more students are found to have lice will be notified.

This plan emphasizes comprehensive education and community involvement. Enhanced support will be offered to families. Working together, we can minimize the impact of head lice in our schools and communities.

This plan was developed following the recommendations of the Linn County Public Health Department, Iowa Department of Public Health, National Association of School Nurses, American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).