Managing Student Illness

Student Illness or Injury during the School Day

Students are sent to the clinic if they are injured or appear ill.  An attempt will be made to understand the student’s complaint.  This may include asking the student some questions about how he/she feels, taking a temperature, making observations, talking to the teacher, and contacting the school nurse. 

If a student has a temperature of 100.4º F. or higher, the parent/guardian will be called and the student will be sent home.  Temperature is not the only symptom that influences the decision to send the student home; general appearance and functioning are important factors. 

After a period of observation a decision will be made to do one of the following: 
(1) Attempt to notify the parent/guardian;
(2) Allow the student to rest in the health office for a brief period.  The student is to be fever-free without fever reducing medication before returning to school. 

  • During times of high rates of communicable illness in the community and our schools, we remain in frequent contact with Linn County Public Health. During these situations we may implement a 24 hour fever free provision, without fever reducing medication, before returning to school.    

Parents will also be notified of injuries that appear to require medical attention.