Blocked Email Subjects

Subjects to avoid in your e-mail

The following words are blocked in the Subject field of your e-mail. If any of these words appear in a subject field you will not receive the mail sent to you and your sender will not be notified that you did not receive the e-mail.

The reason the sender is not notified is that it is a common ploy used by hacker sites to check for actual e-mail addresses. So, if the sender was notified he/she would know that they have your address.

The exchange server will delete the mail. In the case of a Spam Attack, where the district is being inundated with messages having one of these blocked subjects, it may take the exchange server a little longer to delete these messages.

Be aware that the exchange server looks for these words in any part of the subject line. Both of the following examples would be blocked or deleted:

Subject: Make Money

Subject: Would you like to Make Money?

E-mail Subjects that are currently blocked in the district.

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  • hawtest

Also blocked are common obscene and cuss words.