The role of the Technology Division is to ensure staff and students success in integrating technology into the teaching and learning process. In other words, the Technology Division is here to help! Do you need technology assistance? Help is always just an e-mail or phone call away when you contact the Technology Help Desk. The Helpdesk provides: phone and computer help.

Contact Information


Phone Number: 558-2900

When Contacting the Helpdesk

If possible, please include the following information in all communications with the helpdesk: 
The barcode of your machine. (This can usually be found on the right side of the computer. It’s a white sticker with a 6 digit number.) 
To help save time, please state what kind of computer your using. (Compaq, AST, Dell, printer, etc) 
Record the exact wording of any error messages; plus, anything that might have caused the problem. i.e.; moving the machines location, power outage, etc. Also any printed pages that might contain problems. That way they can be faxed to the HelpDesk if requested. 
What programs you had open at the time of the error message or when the problem occurred. 
We are here to help you, Since we assist all District employees, it may take some time to fix your problem. At times, it may be necessary to get back with you at a later time, or refer you to someone else.