Teacher Leadership Profile Joslin Hanna

Joslin Hanna Learning Supports Facilitator K-5 (Tiers II & III)

She has extensive experience in working with challenging behaviors and designing interventions. 

Her role will include:

  • Works collaboratively to build the capacity of teachers, schools, and the District to effectively address behavioral issues that impede and/or disrupt learning

  • Assists schools by providing structures, resources, professional learning, and demonstration teaching on best practices in behavior management

  • Provides leadership by working with District professional learning staff to support professional learning for all teachers in the area of social, emotional, behavioral development

  • Supports the professional learning and structures at each school in relation to Learning Supports, and tier II and III interventions. 

  • Uses evidence-based coaching strategies in communications with staff 

  • Conducts school-wide observations and participate in problem-solving sessions to determine appropriate interventions

  • Assists with the development of functional behavioral assessments and behavior intervention plans