Teacher Leadership Profile Sean Neilly

Sean Neilly has been hired as the K-12 Social Studies Curriculum Facilitator. 

He is a classroom teacher at Kennedy High School for a portion of his day, spending the remainder of his time addressing issues pertinent to social studies teaching and learning, as well as collaborating with classroom teachers and other teacher leaders. 

His role will include:

  • Work collaboratively with K-12 social studies teachers to develop curricular materials and assessments aligned with the Iowa Core Standards for Social Studies

  • Develop and deliver professional development that aligns content and instruction with the school improvement processes and the work of professional learning communities

  • Manage, compile, and provide analysis tools for district assessments in grades 6-12.

  • Plan and deliver professional development related to the Characteristics of Effective Instruction for a variety of audiences and purposes

  • Support and encourage the use of technology embedded in instruction

  • Support teachers in developing meaningful interventions and extensions for students involved in the processes of learning social studies skills and materials