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Live Events from 2018-19 School Year


May Event - Kenwood Leadership Academy

Kenwood Leadership Academy leaders presenting


May Event - Laurie Mead

Laurie Mead presenting to the audience


May Event - Anne Faber

Anne Faber


May Event - Stephanie Neff

Stephanie Neff


March Event

Hear local educators discussing topics of community interest at the next, SKOOLD!
Wednesday, March 13th at the Cedar Rapids Public Library, Whipple Auditorium, 5:00-6:30 PM

Speakers include:

Skoold Carlos Grant>Carlos Grant, Executive Director of Middle-Level Education - Discusses the difficulty and beauty of being a servant leader.



Skoold John Rice>John Rice, Executive Director of Instructional Services - John, instructional services leader for CRCSD, shares how and why he decided to sell most of his possessions, strap on a backpack, and travel abroad for a year, and what he learned through that experience.


SkoolD Mary Bardsley>Mary Bardsley, Language Arts Teacher, Metro H.S. - Mary has worked at Metro High School for the past 11 years, and one of the great joys of her job is being one of the theatre directors and speech coaches. She will discuss what theatre looks like in the alternative setting, and how transformative telling your own story can be.

>Lauren Cerqueira, McKinley M.S.

February Event - Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones


February Event - Kris Fry

Kris Fry


February Event - Madison Rydstrom

Madison Rydstrom


February Event - Kris Eells

Kris Eells


February Event - Aaron Stecker

Aaron Stecker


January Event - Jason Kline

Jason Kline


January Event - Ryan Rydstrom

Ryan Rydstrom SkoolD!


January Event - Dr. Tiffany Carr

Tiffany SKOOLD


January Event - Ben Sparboe

Ben Sparboe SkoolD


October Event - Kristie Bortz




Nick Duffy

OCTOBER EVENT - Darcel Pledge

Darcel Pledge