Green Team Celebrations

2018 - 2019 Green Team Celebrations

Arthur Green Tema
Arthur Elementary - Top Team Participation Award

The Arthur Green Team is known for inviting experts to their school to help educate the students and staff as a whole. On April 10th a group from the University of Iowa came and presented to the school about the importance of recycling. Green team students have started the beginning stages of composting and held an Environmental Day that involved city volunteers that came in to speak with all students about water conservation, wind energy, composting and reusing items for games or crafts.  Green Team students have also learned how to use recyclables to create a growing environment for seeds indoors. Their team was able to purchase an incubator for the school and a few students were able to travel to the origin of hatching eggs at a nearby farm to see what the organic environment was like. The students and staff at this school are hoping to hatch chicks and have a nearby community member raise them.

Cleveland Green Team
Cleveland Elementary - Conservation Leadership Award

The Cleveland Green Team created notes for each classroom using some recycled paper and photographs of how to conserve energy.  They posted the notes in each classroom and area of the building to spread knowledge to others of the importance of conservation. During Earth Week they had door decorating and poster contest too.

This team created a monthly Green Team Award, which is presented to the classroom that showed the most effort in the above areas. This award is announced during morning announcements along with rest of awards given out at Cleveland Elementary.  This Green team creatively made their award out of used plastic bottles!  Green Team members make other students aware of energy conservation by checking in on classrooms sporadically.  They also put in a new water fountain/bottle fountain, which saves on their water consumption as well.

And finally, this green team student created a play area for the younger students to use during indoor recess out of extra boxes and foam.


Gibson Green Team
Viola Gibson Elementary - Perseverance Award

The Viola Gibson Green Team is a solid resource for other teams as they progress and take on implementing new ideas. This team has strong and passionate leadership that keep the students engaged and come up with challenging ways to integrate the school as a whole. I was impressed this year with their implementation of composting that has inspired other teams and myself to figure out a way to do this in other schools. I was also impressed as I came in the door to meet the leaders that have kept up a very large and strong team (roughly 44 students!) as they also pushed for district leadership for all Green Teams.


Hoover Green Team
Hoover Elementary - Rising Leaders Award & Energy Conservation Award

Each day, members from the Hoover Green Team go around the school to each classroom and try to "catch" classrooms being green.  Classrooms earn green bucks for having one row of lights out, having their door shut, recyclables in the recycling bin, and no sign of paper in the garbage can.  Each classroom can earn 4 green bucks a day.  At the end of each month, a traveling trophy is awarded to the classroom that have the most green bucks at a school-wide assembly.  In addition to this, members from our Green Team have gone around and talked to classrooms about ways to be green and have made posters to hang around the school. In April, schoolwide activities were planned for each grade level. This green team encouraged the whole school to participate in making their grounds, nearby parks, and neighborhood a better place by picking up trash.


Taylor Green Team
Taylor Elementary – Winners of Outstanding Leader Award and Teach to the Power of Green Award

Taylor’s Green Team has demonstrated a collective desire to come together and be green. They have worked on two major projects this year: learning and teaching about a new bioswale and dealing with waste at school meals. The green team worked hard to linked those projects as they helped their peers learn the importance of keeping plastic out of our water.

This team has looked at a wide range of impacts on water quality and hosted the City of Cedar Rapids Stormwater Management staff for Green Team education. They were impressed enough they invited them to come to a family health night and share an enviroscape demonstration.

They have gathered trash and shared the CR OneBag Challenge with other students, staff and families. Some members of the Green Team turned learning about water conservation into a game, STORMLANDIA, which won Honorable Mention from the Iowa Conservation Education Coalition.


Kenwood Green Team
Kenwood Elementary - Water Conservation Award

The Kenwood Green Team has been educated on the benefits of clean water and has made efforts to promote awareness and educate to the rest of their school by creating educational campaigns like displaying posters, posting on social media, adding information to newsletters and making announcements. They have added a rain barrel to collect rainwater which is then used in their school’s pollinator garden! And finally, they are working on purchasing an Automated Irrigation System.


Kate Hogg - Dr. Buck
Taylor Elementary, Kate Hogg - Outstanding Leader Award

Taylor’s Green Team Leader, Kate Hogg, really stood out and made a great impact on their school, students and community this year. Against some tough odds, she paid no mind to challenges and committed herself to making sure the students of the green team received the kind of education and skills they need to inspire the rest of their school. Taylor has made tremendous changes to their facility and grounds by rebuilding their green house, planting gardens, learning about their local bioswale and changing the mindset of food waste at meals. What started as a new Green Team effort, has quickly turned into a school wide mindset because of their new leader this year. With Honorable Mention for their team’s Stormlandia water game, Earth Day Expo exhibition, and winning an Eco Champ award, Kate, not only talks about being green but actively pursues it in everyday activities that surly inspires students to do the same. This school is very fortunate to have a passionate and determined Green Team Leader as they transition into a magnet school next year that is focused on Environmental Sustainability.


Outstanding student Group
Outstanding Student Award Winners

These students were described as being influential and positively encouraging to others as well as one who exhibits responsibility and creativity. Each building was given the opportunity to nominate one student for this award.