Smart Snacks

LIVE Wellness

Wellness Operating Procedure

Regulation 610.1 - Goal 3: G.

Snacks and Celebrations

All foods and beverages offered and made available in schools during the school day must meet the District Nutritional Guidelines. Celebrations or other events involving food should not occur more than once per month.

Guidelines for All Foods and Beverages Offered on Campus and for School Activities

Foods and beverages sold individually outside the reimbursable meal program (including those sold through a la carte lines, vending machines, student stores or fundraising activities) during the school day will meet District Nutritional Guidelines as required by state or federal law. Competitive foods, including foods of minimal nutritional value, may not be sold or offered one-half hour prior to, during, or one-half hour after the meal shifts of food service programs unless permission has been granted by the Manager of Food and Nutrition Department. (Board Regulation 902.2)

Nutritional/ingredient information for products in vending machines that are accessible to students can be accessed through Brokaw Vending, 1465 Sherman Rd, Hiawatha, IA 52233, (319) 393-9096