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After years of Blended Learning at Nixon Elementary, the learning has evolved more towards personalized learning. Learners set their own pace to facilitate their knowledge. #OurStoriesCRCSD

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Another endorsement for personalized learning, from this Nixon Elementary 5th grader, who feels challenged learning at his level. #OurStoriesCRCSD

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Marcia Reading

Congrats to this #OurStoriesCRCSD Nixon Elementary 5th grader. She says "I read a lot of books with a lot of words in it. We take tests on books, and it counts how many words we read." Way to go!

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School Year 2017-18


Dee Crozier, Nixon's Principal,  shares how the staff and volunteers act as a family and give this school in a large district a small town feel.

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Estrella, 3rd Grade at Nixon- wants to be a Football player when she grows up.


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Nixon Elementary School has started integrating students from the special education classroom into the traditional classroom setting. Since the beginning of the school year, these special needs students have made great progress by looking to their peers for development.

Diane Hunt, Health Secretary for 28 years at Nixon. Like to make kids more self-sufficient.MEET Nixon's STAFF

Name -

Diane Hunt, Health Secretary

Years at Nixon? 28 

What she loves about the job?

"I try to make students more self-sufficient. Teach them how to take care of themselves and you don't need medication for everything."

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Nixon Elementary School is unique by offering Blended Learning to all levels from kindergarten through 5th-grade. The program offers students an opportunity to engage in learning exercises from small groups to individual activities making them #FutureReady. 

Tinyja, 5th Grade at Nixon and wants to be a lawyer.

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A relationship that makes a student feel safe and secure helps them succeed in the classroom. Nixon Elementary School offers different programs that help meet the needs of students.

Teressa OConnor, Early Learning Special Needs Paraprofessional 17 years.MEET Nixon's STAFF

Name -

Teresa O'Connor, Early Learning Special Education Paraprofessional

Years at Nixon? 17

What she loves about Nixon?

"I like to help students meet their goals. Special needs milestones are different than other students and I enjoy helping them."

Daylen, 5th Grade at Nixon who like school.Green Line, no text

Aneela Rafiq, Food Service Manager at Nixon for 3 years.MEET Nixon's STAFF

Name -

Aneela Rafiq, Food Service Manager

Years at Nixon?

3 years and 4 total with the District.

What she loves about Nixon?

"I love the kids smiling faces and our team works very hard to serve them a good meal."