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In the ninety-three years, Wilson has been part of the District it has been a learning center for middle school, high school, and elementary students. Jenifer Phelan discusses how the school's rich history and enrollment size make this large building feel like a family.

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Gideon, 7th-Grade, The teachers and staff at Wilson are very helpful and they find time for you even if they are busy.

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Middle school can often be a challenging for students. The time is an important transition between elementary and high school while going through adolescence. Two Wilson students share how the school’s climate has helped them with the process of moving forward.

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Name -

Mary Bunn, Band Teacher

Years at Wilson -  25

What she loves about the job?

"I like to be able to help kids and watching them light-up when they can play their songs and do a nice job."


For more than twenty-five years, Wilson students have left their legacy on the schools ceiling tiles. Departing 8th-graders have the option of showing future students what was important to them, during middle school.


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Avonus, 6th-Grade, I like the teachers here. They help me a lot to stay focused and out of trouble.

Will_NortonMEET Wilson's STAFF

Name -

Will Norton, Language Arts Teacher

Years at Wilson -  14 

What Makes Wilson a Special Place to Be?

"I like making connections with kids and watching them grow."


J.R. Grawe shares how she makes connections with students as a substitute teacher.

Katrina_BurkeMEET Wilson's STAFF

Name -

Katrina Burke, Math/Science Teacher

Years at Wilson -  11 

What Makes Wilson a Special Place to Be?

"My job changes every day and I get to work with students and watch them grow."


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