Live Wellness


The Cedar Rapids Community School District is committed to creating a supportive learning environment that promotes health, safety and well-being. In partnership with parents, schools play a critical role in helping students establish lifelong patterns of healthy behavior and setting them up for greater success in school and in life.

LIVE WELLness is focused on creating environments where healthy choices are easier. Building, district and community representatives make up the District Wellness Council, which helps support schools in improving staff and student well-being. The School Health Advisory Council reviews and makes recommendations for wellness policies and regulations that meet Federal guidelines and are approved by the CRCSD Board of Education.


This Wellness Video is an overview
of District wellness programs.

The Elementary Live Wellness Commitments and the Secondary Live Wellness Commitments shows what students, staff and family members should expect to see happening in their building to promote wellness. Additional resources can be found using the menu at the left. 

For more information, contact:

Stephanie Neff

Suzy Ketelsen

Health and Wellness Supervisor Manager of Food and Nutrition Services
319-558-4786 319-558-1240