Ryan Rydstrom

Associate Director of Access and Instructional Design

Ryan Rydstrom, Associate Director of Access and Instructional Design

Phone: 319-558-2249
Email: rrydstrom

What are the responsibilities of your office or department?
We create and facilitate a systemic approach to provide targeted, timely, and ongoing professional learning and support to District and school staff related to digital literacy, access, curriculum, instruction, and assessment. In collaboration with Student Services, we ensure the procurement and implementation of Accessible Education Materials(AEM) for all students. We also work collaboratively with CRCSD and school leadership to develop and implement multi-tiered systems of support(MTSS) focused on the development of structures, processes, and measures for students' access to the guaranteed and viable curriculum and high quality instruction in all learning environments.

Professional History: 
I joined CRCSD in July of 2018 as the Associate Director of Access and Instructional Design. Previously, I was College Community School District's PK-12 Curriculum Coordinator, an Associate Principal for Prairie Point Middle School & 9th Grade Academy, and taught 9th-grade physical science. I'm certified to teach Physical Science, General Science, Chemistry, and Physics. 

Fun Facts about Ryan: 
My motivation for the profession is what makes it rewarding.  I do this because education is the greatest equalizer, teaching is the noblest profession, people matter, and everyone needs and deserves someone to care about them.  While striving to be a leader of service, learning, and change, I am motivated and rewarded by the individual interactions that cause a stakeholder to be empowered to "be the change they wish to see in the world." 

My wife also works within our district and our son will be entering the school system in the near future. We enjoy running around Cedar Rapids and taking in all it has to offer a young family. Although I wouldn't consider myself creative or artistic, I do dabble in photography and graphic design to fuel my passion for making sense out of chaos.  

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